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Q. Are Shred Etc. employees insured?

A. Yes. All Shred Etc. employees are insured and bonded.

Q. Are your employees screened?

A. Yes. All Shred Etc. employees are screened and drug tested prior to being hired.

Q. Will owning an office shredder be sufficiant for my business?

A. No. Owning an office shredder will not protect your business. Employees should not handle some sensitive information and employees just do not use shredders.

Q. Does deleting my data from old hard drives securley remove my data?

A. No. This is a common misconception by many people. Simply deleting that "file" or "folder" from your computer does not securley destroy the data. There are specific programs that can be used to recover data that has been deleted. We have specific, industry-standard, procedures set in place to make sure your data is destroyed. We have an ethical responsibility!

Q. Will I know my documents and data were destroyed?

A. Yes. A "Certificate of Destruction" is provided to each and every Shred Etc. customer.

Q. Does Shred Etc. offer any training?

A. Yes. We provide clients with an employee information destruction training program that fulfills the requirements that protects your company from consequences of improper disposal of sensitive information.

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